Friday, November 16, 2012

I want No Life…

There was no form.
There were no limits at all.
My term of life
was the same as that of Milky Ways.
I had a full-fledged freedom
to touch the bourns of skies
and the depths of abysses same time.
My existence was
at the threshold of nine planets.

I am a prisoner serving life
born in the cellar with nine doors.
The irony is
I am the guard, I am the judge
I have to serve the term, all alone.

Bound with shackles of affections,
injecting into the veins
selfishness boiling with desires
is the punishment.

How long these decorated walls
hoisting greed can stand?

In the battle of life
between breath and death
A day shall come
when the jail shall have to close

If all that I can achieve
is a lay on the roster of history
that the time machine rolls out,
I want no history
and I want no life.

God! grant me endless freedom!

(Translated by NS Murthy at

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