Saturday, October 6, 2012

Me… and a dawn (నేనూ... ఓ ఉదయం)

(Translated by: Swatee Sripada)

Me… and a dawn
Under the shade of darkness
Spreading silence
The night Relaxes without any worry

Carrying the entire world
On the edge of a thorn
Patting its back every second moving forth
As if the multi hued scenes reached a conclusion
Of weaving but not
As if someone pressed a rewind button
The dreams coil around a reel of thread

The crop of light
Cut in the western hills
Rising up in eastern premises
Sun winnows it
A sparrow meditates
On the edge of roof
To bless a few grains
On the face of daybreak

The fog commits suicide
In the crack of dawn
May be the vile darkness
Dumped it after using

The wisps of grass
With pity
Turn into tears

Closing my eyes
Unwinding the reel of dreams
I am stitching a story

Published in Andhrajyothi Vividha:

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