Friday, October 17, 2014


That silently dissolving drop of rain
planting a wet kiss on earth’s forehead
gushes out like a fountain high someday

Peeping through mother twigs
and catching at the melting seasons
the rustling leaf speaks only after … Fall.
The cynosure of all eyes, the flower
meditating on one leg over the stalk
surrenders to the ripples of wind
to pay its respects to mother earth.
Cultivating the expansive field of firmament
and planting the seeds of stars, the Moon
stretches his hands below to caress the crests of waves
to sprinkle a few drops of water
For me
shuttling between thought and theme
with dream-filled eyes
It’s a pleasure to hug you
Like the leaf
The flower
The drop
And the moonshine over the wave

Translated by: NS Murty

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